Eye Examinations

Not only do eye tests ensure you are seeing as clearly as possible, but they are also an important eye health check.
We provide both private and NHS eye tests. Under 16s (or under 19s in full time education), over 60s, those on certain benefits, and those diagnosed with glaucoma, diabetes, or registered visually impaired can have free NHS tests. Many are eligible for help with the cost of glasses also. Contact us for further information.

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Perscription Glasses

Contact lens examination

There are many types of contact lenses on the market and we will find the one for you. Contact lenses make a great alternative to glasses. They come in dailies, reusable lenses and sleep in lenses. Book your appointment to find out more.



An appointment will be offered within 48 hours with the optometrist to have the condition assessed, and where appropriate, treated at no cost through the NHS.

NI PEARS is aimed at patients with sudden onset eye conditions such as:

  • Red eye(s)

  • Pain and/or discomfort in the eyes, around the eye area

  • Sudden reduction in vision in one or both eyes

  • Recent onset or sudden increase of flashes and/or floaters in one or both eyes

  • Suspected foreign body in the eye.